WHEN:    May 14, 2016    (original date was postponed from April 30 due to inclement weather)

WHERE: Reimers Ranch,  23610 Hamilton Pool Rd, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Please see our Limestoner page to see what this climbing competition is all about. It’s a great time, and it’s for a great cause, so please register below:



Early registration will end May 13, 2016. Registration includes entry to competition, scorecard, t-shirt, dinner ticket, raffle ticket, and free camping at Rock Dog Saturday night. On the day of the competition we will accept cash or check.

Early–  Members: $25, Nonmembers: $30
Day of– Members: $30, Nonmembers: $35

Registration + Lifetime Membership: $45
Lifetime Membership: $25


8 AM- Registration/ Silent Auction opens/Orientation
9 AM- Competition Starts
4 PM- Speed Competition Starts
5 PM- All scorecards must be turned in at the designated location
5:45 PM- Speed Climbing Ends
6 PM- Food and Raffle Prizes/Silent Auction Closes
7 PM- Awards
8 PM- Rock Dog After-party


Each Mens & Womens categories will have the following:


Youth will be coed.

As we all know the difficulties go from a 5.10d to a 5.11a is harder than going from a 5.8 to a 5.9 and the same is true with harder grades, thus we decided to create an exponential grading system using the following formula F(x) = 10*e^x, where x starts at 3.0 for a 5.0 grade and increases by 0.1 for each successive grade. The exponential growth will also show a wider separation among skill categories.

Competitors will have the option of climbing at both Reimers Proper or North Shore. The competitive categories will be based on your top 5 hardest routes climbed without falling. Stick clipping the first bolt only is permitted. Top roping routes will receive two letter grades below the route’s grade. For example, top roping a 5.10d without falling will earn the same points as leading a 5.10b. In case of a tie, dead hangs times will determine the winner. Two signatures of witnesses will also be noted on the scorecard. Competitors are encouraged to climb in groups of 3-4 to obtain signatures.

The Endurance competition is all about the most routes you can climb, without falling, from 9am to 5pm. Top roping is permitted and will not count against the final score. Routes should be written down with at least two people who can confirm the routes you climbed. Endurance competitors will often work in teams to hang top ropes and belay. The all time record is 126 routes. Can anyone best that this year?

1st, 2nd, & 3rd place prizes will be awarded for each category (Endurance, too!) with the exclusion of the Speed Climbing category, which will have a top single prize for the fastest man, woman, and youth. You may enter either the competitive category or endurance, but not both. All participants are eligible to enter into the speed climbing competition. Thanks to our sponsors, our prize pool is the best it’s ever been. Prizes will be a mix of cash, ropes, shoe vouchers, gift cards, and gym memberships.

Proper Route List
North Shore Route List


Volunteer help is critical to Limestoner success. If you want to volunteer for the event, please fill out the form here. Our event coordinator, Jennifer, will contact you about a week prior to the event with information on where your help will be needed.


Free camping at Rock Dog on Saturday night!


Please visit our amazing sponsors at the bottom of our registration page. Without their support, this competition would not be possible. Our only fundraising event is to serve you guys, the climbing community. Thank you for your support and be safe.

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