Climbing Access

The geology of Texas, with its far reaching ancient seabed sedimentation rock, provides Central Texas with a wealth of limestone cliff bands on both public and private land. We have continually sought to secure and maintain climbing access to these bouldering and sport climbing gems. Several quality climbing areas are conveniently located minutes from downtown in Austin’s own Barton Creek Greenbelt. Others are on the outskirts of Austin at the Enchanted Rock and McKinney Falls State Parks. Others are found on private land, like  Monster Rock near Pace Bend.

CTM played a pivotal role in supporting Travis County’s acquisition and preservation of private lands, such as Milton Reimers Ranch, for public use and enjoyment.  In places where climbing access has been threatened, like Hueco Tanks in El Paso, CTM members have played an active role in trying to negotiate and retain access. Below are the Memoranda of Cooperation (MOC) and other legal documents that we have on file with the City of Austin and Travis County.


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