Incident Reporting

Report an incident HERE.

Submitted data is captured in a spreadsheet that is maintained & monitored by the Central Texas Mountaineers (CTM). The goal of reporting is to capture as much information as possible so that the CTM can create metrics, assess the overall safety of our crags & take objective steps as needed towards making things safer.

This report is to be submitted by individuals as they witnessed an event at a central Texas crag. Multiple reports of the same incident from various people are encouraged. The more reports submitted to cover a given incident, the more data we have to work with to paint an accurate picture.

*** Please DO NOT include personal details of individuals involved in an incident. For one, these people may not want their information shared with the CTM. Further, it is not within the CTM’s scope to approach such individuals. If you are in communication with the involved individual(s) you can request they contact the CTM if they are willing to share their story so that we can hope to learn more and offer a lessons-learned with the public. ***

The CTM is an elected body of volunteer climbers. This is an attempt to take steps towards bettering our crags for all. Please keep reports simple and objective.

Thank you and safe climbing.

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