Route Maintenance

One of the chief responsibilities of the Central Texas Mountaineers is to help maintain the routes at our local crags to ensure the safety of our climbing areas. This includes cleaning areas of loose rock to reduce rock fall, trail work to minimize erosion and degradation of the climbing areas, as well as periodic bolt and anchor inspection and replacement. Funds raised from the Limestoner Climbing Competition, donations, and membership dues go to support this effort. As with the trail projects, this effort is supported wholly by the selfless work of volunteers.

To this end, central Texas climbers have established several climbing committees to govern the maintenance of the many climbing areas in and around Austin. The CTCC was formed to oversee the bolting at Enchanted Rock. The Routes Committee was established at the request of Travis County to oversee the maintenance and bolting of Reimers Ranch when this land was acquired by the county at the end of 2005. The Routes Committee will also oversee bolting at all Travis County parks, which includes Pace Bend. CTM is responsible for all other areas, which includes the Greenbelt (climbs along Barton Creek), Georgetown, Belton, Bull Creek, etc.

Please let us know of any maintenance issues that you may find while climbing throught the Bad Bolts link and one of our volunteers will schedule and attend to the problem as soon as possible. We welcome anyone who would like to help this effort, whether through helping us replace bad bolts or through the donation of supplies or funds. Please contact CTM for more information.

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