Bad Bolts

CTM, along with the routes committee, relies on members of the community to be observant of their surroundings and the hardware on which they are climbing. Always inspect hardware prior to climbing on it.

CTM asks for the community’s help in populating the website Bad Bolts. This website has been very useful for hardware replacement in one of the most popular sport climbing destinations in the US, Red River Gorge. Hardware issues can be reported here in the same manner. If you see hardware that looks worn, bolts that are spinning or otherwise damaged, please report it.

One thought on “Bad Bolts

  1. I thought this would be a good place to report a damaged bolt at Reimer’s. The first protection bolt on Ten Foot Poll (5.11c) on the Hand Beyond Wall at Reimer’s Ranch is a spinner. It appears the bolt has pulled out of the rock slightly. Possible fix might be to add extra washer in back or in front of hanger. If behind hanger it would need to have large enough diameter to slide pass bolt sleeve.

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