The 2013 Limestoner Competition was a huge success!

Click here for the 2013 Reimers Route/Point List.

Click here for the 2013 North Shore Route/Point List.

Results were totaled for the top 5 routes climbed.
Bill Pierson (125 routes, >1000 pts)
Elite Men: 
1st Jessi Bruni (105 pts)
Elite Women:
1st Natalie Kane (107 pts)
2nd Evening Galvin (101 pts)
Advanced Men:
1st Robert Whitford (96 pts)
2nd Karl Vochatzer (90 pts)
3rd Jim Housemann (90 pts)
Advanced Women: 
1st Emily Matter (99 pts)
Intermediate Men:
1st Angelo Facello (83 pts)
2nd Nathan Sessions (81 pts)
3rd Anthony Stevens (80 pts)
Intermediate Women:
1st Erin Mai (83 pts)
2nd Nancy Nichols (80 pts)
3rd Helene Grazele Santos Vieira (77 pts)
Beginner Men: 
1st Logan Hitt (54 pts)
2nd Joey Rembish (52 pts)
3rd Edward Phillips (50 pts)Beginner Women:
1st Georgia Pierson (52 pts)
2nd Sara LaBlanc (51 pts)
3rd Kelly Robb (49 pts)

1st Emily Malloy
2nd Ashleigh Kazor
3rd Sara Phillips

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