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The Limestoner is an annual climbing competition and community event held at Reimer’s Ranch, just west of Austin. The competition servers as a fundraiser for the Central Texas Mountaineers, a local non-profit organization that serves as a resource for members of the climbing community in Central Texas. CTM works to pursue and secure climbing access, promote positive land stewardship, and provide regular route maintenance for climbing safety.

Please see the Limestoner home page to see what the event is all about!


Registration is closed. Please bring cash or check to the comp for quick payment.

Reimers Ranch North Shore Route List

Reimers Ranch Proper Route List

(3/31/2015- We’ve had a couple reports of errors when trying registration in Chrome. If you get an error message, please try another browser and let us know if you still have any difficulties.)

Registration includes: entry to competition, scorecard , t-shirt, dinner ticket, raffle ticket, and free camping at Rock Dog Saturday night


This year (2015) we’ll be implementing a new scoring system that should represent the climbing grade exponential difficulties, based on competitor feedback from last year. As we all know the difficulties to go from a 5.10d to a 5.11a is harder than going from a 5.8 to a 5.9 and the same is true with harder grades, thus we decided to create an exponential grading system using the following formula F(x) = 10*e^x, where x starts at 3.0 for a 5.0 grade and increases by 0.1 for each successive grade. The exponential growth will also show a wider separation among skill categories.

The competitive categories will be based on your top 5 hardest routes climbed without falling. Stick clipping the first bolt only is permitted. Top roping routes will receive two letter grades below the route’s grade. For example, top roping a 5.10d without falling will earn the same points as leading a 5.10b. In case of a tie, dead hangs times will determine the winner. Two signatures of witnesses will also be noted on the scorecard. Competitors are encouraged to climb in groups of 3-4 to obtain signatures

The Endurance competition is all about the most routes you can climb, without falling, from 9am to 5pm. Top roping is permitted and will not count against the final score. Routes should be written down with at least two people who can confirm the routes you climbed. Endurance competitors will often work in teams to hang top ropes and belay.

The categories to enter are below. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes will be awarded for each category (Endurance, too!) with the exclusion of the Speed Climbing category, which will have top a single top prize for the fastest man, woman, and youth. You may enter either the competitive category or endurance, but not both. All participants are eligible to enter into the speed climbing competition, which starts after all scorecards have been turned in.

  • Women’s Beginner
  • Women’s Intermediate
  • Women’s Advanced
  • Women’s Open
  • Men’s Beginner
  • Men’s Intermediate
  • Men’s Advanced
  • Men’s Open
  • Youth
  • Women’s Speed Climbing
  • Men’s Speed Climbing
  • Youth Speed Climbing
  • Women’s Endurance
  • Men’s Endurance

Route and rule lists will be provided with registration.


  • 1st places cash prize!
  • 2nd places ropes!
  • 3rd places gym memberships!

Cash prizes will be awarded this year for top-placing categories! Ropes for 2nd places and gym memberships for third. In addition we’ll have gift cards, and gear to to give away. Many thanks to our sponsors who’ve donated!

Schedule  for Saturday:

  • 8 AM- Registration/ Silent Auction opens
  • 9 AM- Competition Start
  • 5 PM- All scorecards must be turned in at the designated location
  • 5- 6:30 PM (tentative)- Speed Climbing competition
  • 7 PM- Food and Raffle Prizes/ Silent Auction closes
  • 7:30 PM- Awards


Last year, we invited guide groups and individuals to come back Sunday for various classes and clinics. We were unfortunately rained out last year! This year, we’re hoping for better weather for Become a Better Climber Day.


Volunteer help is critical to Limestoner success. If you want to volunteer for the event, please fill out the form here. The event coordinator, Jennifer, will contact you about a week prior to the event with information on where your help will be needed.


Thank you to our sponsors who have already donated cash, prizes, and their time to help the event be a success!

Whole Earth | North Face | Rock Dog Campground | Rock-About | Texas Climbing Adventures|  Austin Rock Gym | Crux Climbing Center | Austin Bouldering Project | REI |  Patagonia | Sterling Ropes | ClimbTech  | Joshua Tree Skin Care | PMI | Clif Bar | ClimbOn | Jester King Brewery | Five Ten | Mad Rock | Ascend Outdoor Adventures | Bearded Brothers |  La Sportiva | Metolius | Backwoods | Marmot | Osprey | Prana | Evolv | Solid Rock Climbers for Christ | Red Chili Shoes

7 thoughts on “2015

  1. Are there no coed categories?? Are kids also allowed in the endurance competition? How does the youth category work? Can I team up with my kids for the endurance comp? If a kid does not want to lead a particular route can an adult set it up so the kid can top rope it?

    • The youth category is co-ed, but the adult categories are not. We rarely have had kids interested in the endurance competition (in fact, we don’t get a lot of adult interest either), so it wasn’t factored into the competition categories. I’ll talk about this with the board and gauge the interest level of having a Youth Endurance category. Typical rules for the Endurance category do not add any points for leading, so it is perfectly fine to lead a route and have your kid top-rope. -Jennifer

  2. I was curious to know the climbing grades that are considered to be beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Thank you for your work for our community.

    • Categories for award placement are decided by cluster analysis. We typically look for the distribution of the scores along the grades and make score cutoffs based on those. So you are competing against those who are there, rather than the grades. Typically though, Beginner is 5.8-5.9, Intermediate 5.10-511b, Advanced, 5.11c-5.12, and Open is 5.13+.

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