Become a Better Climber Day


Last year, we had many people in our climbing community who wanted to share skills that are important for all climbers to know. We thought that, since the Limestoner attracts new climbers to both the sport and the Central Texas area, it would be beneficial to connect those climbers (and experienced locals!) with those that can help. Unfortunately, last year had some rain on the Sunday following the event, so we’re hoping for better weather this year! Check out the classes we have planned!

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After a day of climbing hard and a night of partying start your day off right by centering your body and mind.  Chere is a climber herself, so she is able to tailor the session to climbers.  You’ll be glad you came.

Lead Climbing

This class is for those climbers who have been top roping or climbing in the gym and are ready to take the next step and learn to lead sport climb outdoors.  The class is also for the sport climber who is already leading but would like to get some tips from a certified professional.  Adam Mitchell, owner and lead guide for Rock About, is a full time climbing guide and is certified by the American Mountain Guide Association.

Landscape Photography

While climbing have you ever thought to yourself how beautiful the outdoors is, only to take a picture and have it be ugly?  Learn to capture the beauty of nature in your camera and have the photos come closer to matching your memories.  In addition to being a long time climber Frank Curry also has been a professional photographer his whole life and currently teaches photography at Austin Community College.

Climbing Knots

There is nothing more fundamental to climbing than tying knots in ropes.  This winter two different climbers died in Mexico because they didn’t tie stopper knots.  In this class your instructors will help you work at your own pace to learn fundamental and more advanced knots to tie into a rope, tie two ropes together, tie stoppers at the end of a rope, and many more.  Come to either session or both.  Adam Hosterman and Joel Schopp will be your instructors.

Climbing Anchors

At a lot of climbing areas including Enchanted Rock being able to build safe climbing anchors is a necessary skill if you want to climb.  John Deas, owner and head guide for Texas Climbing Adventures, is a full time climbing guide and is certified by the American Mountain Guide Association.
Mechanical Bolt Install & Removal
Most of the bolts you climb on at Reimers are Powers 5 piece mechanical bolts.  Ever wondered how they got there or what happens if they need replacing?  You’ll get to practice and install your very own bolt into a boulder, and then try to take it back out again.  Learn from former CTM president and current Crux Climbing Gym co-owner Matt Twyman.
Glue-in Bolt Installation
When properly installed glue-in bolts can be even stronger and longer lasting than mechanical bolts and the rounded surface doesn’t leave nicks in crabiners.  Learn how these modern wonders are installed and try it yourself.  Note that any glue you get on your clothing will stay on your clothing forever, so you might want to wear some old clothes for this one. Learn from former CTM president and current Crux Climbing Gym co-owner Matt Twyman.
Boulder Pad Falling Technique
If you are like me you probably thought falling was the easy part, you just let gravity take over.  That was until Matt shared a video with me on how to fall much more safely at the gym or while bouldering.  The video blew my mind. Let Matt Twyman blow your mind and learn to fall better.

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