APF Trail Days

CTM members and volunteers are very involved with Austin Parks Foundation-led trail days. In addition, CTM will lead various work days throughout the year at Reimer’s Ranch, Pace Bend, or other area crags.  Austin Parks Foundation trail days are listed below. For upcoming events, see our calendar.


It’s My Park Day 2014 was a great success! CTM volunteers worked hard to build a wall to protect against erosion at Seismic wall. See pictures and read more about it in our post.



For National Trails Day, CTM members were out at Reimer’s Ranch creating a new trail to Dude Wall. It’s amazing what 14 volunteers can do in 2.5 hours! The trail is now cleared. Dude wall is a recently developed wall with a lot of awesome, moderate routes. To see the new wall and to check out the new trail, take the trail to North Shore, but continue left when the trail splits to go across the creek. The trail is to your immediate left.


For National Trails Day, CTM members worked on the much-beloved Seismic Wall area on the Greenbelt. Seismic has an ongoing erosion problem near the belay areas that requires constant care. Thanks to the team who worked on building up a rock wall to help protect the belay area from creek erosion!

national trails


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