Find a Partner

The climbing community is very friendly here in Austin. Grab your gear and head out to any of our local climbing spots on any sunny day and you are bound to meet other folks climbing who are happy to let you join in. There are several email lists and forums as well to help you get in touch with other climbers. Here is a list of groups that you may want to check out:


Austin Climbing Group– Active group for climbers in the Austin area

512ATX Rock Climbing– Another active Austin climbing group

Limestone Ladies– An Austin group to promote women climbing together. They organize meet-ups every month or so.

San Marcos Climbing Coalition– Active group for Texas State and San Marcos climbers

San Antonio Rock Climbers– Active San Antonio group

Reimers Ranch & North Shore– Useful to stay updated for happenings at Reimer’s Ranch

Climbers of Hueco Tanks

TMR– Texas Mountain Raiders FB page

Glam Climb of Texas– LGBT friendly climbing group in Texas

Texas Rock Climbing– Climbing group started by University of Texas climbers- seems to be less active than other groups


Texas Rock Climbing– an active, sponsored group posting meet-ups targeted to different skill levels. The hosts are very friendly and will be happy to introduce you to other area climbers.


CTM Hardware Maintenance Post @ CTM Bolts

The CTM group of hardware maintenance people

CTM Route Developers Post @ CTM Route Developers

CTM’s list of active developers- distributes latest route application forums, policies, etc.

Climbing Bolt Technology Post @ Climbing Bolt Technology

For sport climbing hardware tech discussions


Amarillo Climbing 

Central Texas Climbing Committee 

Climbing Association of North Texas

Climbers of Hueco Tanks 

Climb San Antonio 

Texas Mountain Raiders – Houston 

Texas Mountaineers – DFW 

Team Texas – DFW 


Austin Climbing Book

Mountain Project

Bloody Flapper

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