Routes Committee

Routes Committee

The Routes Committee is a committee within CTM that was  formed at the request of Travis County to help oversee all activities that involve the climbing areas of the newly acquired Reimer’s Ranch and Pouge Hollow properties. Comprised of all volunteer members, the committee is responsible for developing policies which ensure safety and minimize the impact on the resources of the park. These activities include inspecting and maintenance of existing routes, a bolting policy for the development of new routes, and trail projects to help minimize erosion and visitor impact.

A big thanks to these folks who have volunteered their time and energy to help keep climbing safe and accessible for all of us who frequent Reimer’s Ranch. They deserve our appreciation and support for their efforts.

Committee Members:
The following individuals are on the current routes committee and will serve until the end of 2017:

  • John Hogge
  • Craig Tomon
  • Adam Mitchell
  • Chris “Vinny” Vinson
  • Russell Mayes

3 thoughts on “Routes Committee

  1. The 2015 Routes Committee includes Matt Twyman in place of Russell Mayes. Thanks to Russell for his excellent service to the committee and the climbing community during 2014.

  2. We are all interested in expanding the climbing community in as safe of manner as possible. At other walls and facilities I have been to I have seen anchors and bolts set about 6′ off the ground. Those anchors are set at that level so a guide/friend is able to teach a newbie how to clean a route while safely on the ground. Likewise a bolt or two are set up so the newbie can get the hang of clipping, fixing a back clip, z-clipping from the safety of the ground. I will gladly buy the anchors and bolt if you tell me where you want them installed. i was thinking Dead Cats since it is such a newbie magnet.

    • Definitely an idea for our routes committee. Thanks for the suggestion. Though learning the ropes with a guide service is always your safest option to know you’re learning the safe way. Send us an email via the contact page with your contact info.

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